Star Battle Puzzle Generator

Star Battle puzzle maker tool to create free printable Star Battle puzzles in PDF format. Star Battle, also known as "Two Not Touch" or "Tentaizu," is a type of logic puzzle where the goal is to place stars in a grid in such a way that no two stars can be touching horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Generate puzzles online with varying grid size to download and print for offline play. Whether you call it Star Battle or Two Not Touch, these puzzles offer a fun and challenging way to exercise your logic skills.


Initial Stars

Grid Size

Grid Line Style


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PDF file download will include both the puzzle and the solution.

Benefits of Using our Star Battle Puzzle Maker

  • Creativity: Allows puzzle enthusiasts to create their unique puzzles.
  • Convenience: Provides an easy way to generate puzzles without manual drafting.
  • Learning Tool: Helps in developing logic and problem-solving skills through practice.
  • Community Engagement: Enables sharing puzzles with a community of solvers, fostering interaction and competition.

How to Use

  • Select the initial number of stars to start with.
  • Select the grid size of the puzzle
  • Adjust normal and thick grid lines width
  • Generate and download on Letter Size or A4 size paper in PDF file format.

A Star Battle puzzle maker thus serves both as a creative outlet for puzzle creators and a challenging activity for puzzle solvers, combining the fun of logic puzzles with the satisfaction of creating something unique.