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Looking for a fun and challenging way to test your brainpower? Then Sudoku Generator is the perfect tool for you! Sudoku Generator produces Sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels, from easy to medium to hard to evil, so there's a puzzle to suit every challenge seeker.

You can print out the puzzles or solve them online, making Sudoku Generator the most convenient way to get your Sudoku fix! So why wait? Give Sudoku Generator a try today and see how addictive these puzzles can be!

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How to generate puzzles with Sudoku Generator

The Sudoku Generator can be used for both educational and recreational purposes. For instance, people who enjoy solving Sudoku puzzles can use the generator to create new puzzles to solve.

In addition, the Sudoku Generator can be used as a teaching tool. Educators can use it to create Sudoku puzzles that are customized to the needs of their students. The Sudoku Generator is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

You can generate Sudoku Puzzles in 9×9 grid as well as 4×4 grid. Here are the options to make your own Sudoku Puzzles.

  • Set the Grid to 4×4 or 9×9.
  • Select the level to “Easy, “Medium”, “Hard” or “Evil”.
  • Choose the font as Sans or Sans Serif.

Set the Download Options as follows:

  • How many puzzles you want to generate? Set the number from 1 to 12.
  • How many puzzles per page? Set the layout as 1, 2 or 4 sudoku puzzles per page.
  • What paper size you want to print on? Select the Letter Size or A4 size paper.

Once all these settings are done, click on the blue “Generate New Puzzle” button. Check out the preview image, and then click on the green “Download” button. You will be able to download the generated PDF printable file. The solution is included with every puzzle.

That’s it! Generate any number of puzzles for personal use. Use these as home, classroom or homeschool to play with family, friends or students. We hope you enjoy solving these Sudoku puzzles as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.