Windmill / Kazaguruma Sudoku Puzzles

Kazaguruma Sudoku puzzles, also known simply as "Windmill Sudoku," are a variation of the classic Sudoku puzzle that adds an additional layer of challenge. In a Kazaguruma Sudoku puzzle, the grid is divided into several smaller grids or "windmills," each containing several cells.

These windmills can be rotated, and the numbers in the cells must obey the standard Sudoku rules: each row, column, and windmill must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition.

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The additional challenge comes from the fact that the numbers in each windmill must also form a valid Sudoku row or column when they are aligned. This means that when a windmill is rotated, the numbers within it must still adhere to the Sudoku rules. This adds complexity to the puzzle-solving process, as players must not only consider the traditional Sudoku constraints but also the rotational aspect of the windmills.

Solving Kazaguruma or Windmill Sudoku puzzles requires logical reasoning, pattern recognition, and careful deduction. They offer an engaging twist on the traditional Sudoku format and are popular among Sudoku enthusiasts looking for a new challenge.